It has been a long time since I blogged about the posters…The posters are done (an Arabic and an English version) and now I will go through the process…

The posters that I have put in the Critique post were done on Photoshop (background image) and Illustrator (text). Our professor has mentioned in class that in real life, a good designer would be working between all of the 3 programs Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. So I thought it would be a good time to start right from here.

So on a document in InDesign, I placed the background image that I have created in Photoshop and started to place the text all over again.

[Click to Enlarge] 



This screenshot shows the text created on InDesign with the help of the gridlines that you can pull from the top and the left sides of the document (light blue ones). This version didn’t look exactly the same as the one created on Illustrator and there were some qualities in the one on Illustrator that looked better than this one…By dragging the text from Illustrator to InDesign we get the following results:


Left: Old InDesign version

Middle: Old Illustrator version

Right: New InDesign version

You can see how similar the ones on the right and the middle look like.

Here the English one was ready.

I then started to work on the Arabic version. I used the same quote translated in Arabic and on the same background. I didn’t expect that working with Arabic typography would be difficult to work with at first!

The first step was to choose a typeface so I pasted the quote several times and applied different typefaces to them. From the beginning I knew that I want a modern looking typeface to give the poster a sharp crisp look. Here are some of the typefaces that I though looked modern.

خطوط عربية



I decided to go with the one at the bottom right and here is how I started…



Looking at it with my professor, she decided to use a type family instead of just a typeface because I would be able to combine several looks in one. Looking at the image above you can see immediately, comparing it with the English version, that the Arabic version is denser than the English one and that wouldn’t make the final look of the two cohesive.

Then I chose a type family and started to play around with the words:

Text  Text 2  Text 3Gridlines


I used gridlines for the Arabic one too to get a cleaner look.


Till this point , I was using a crumpled paper texture that I got from the Internet because I didn’t have my self-generated materials at that time. I then replaced the one from the Internet with the one I created last semester for Graphic Design 1 and here is the difference:

Crumpled paper B&APaper

Left of second image: Internet paper

Right of second image: My own that I gave a beige colour to it.

To show you the difference in the results here is a screenshot:

OldPaper B&AText

Left: Internet texture

Right: My own texture

Do when I got feedback from my professor at this stage, she suggested to make one a green colour and the other a red colour and I thought this was a great idea, there will be a slight change which will look great…so I gave it a try.



So now the Arabic version says the exact same quote as the English one but the word ‘Green‘ is included since the light is no longer green. Visually I think they look much more interesting! I didn’t use the same ink splatter for the red one and I changed the direction of the paper to show variation in the two and so that they don’t look exactly the same.

About two lessons ago, we had like a small critique where we had to sit in groups and give feedback to each other and my dear friend Hamda suggested to change the phrasing of the Arabic type because with the red light it was kind of confusing to to read the ‘Green’ but see a red colour. Here is the new final look:




[Click to Enlarge]

I have extended on of the Arabic words ‘لم’ from the bottom and the top.

A closer look to the extension at the top..

Before        After

Changed the top of the letter to make it seem like it is going under the image.

I am really happy with the final results and I think that this was a great project. I learned a lot, I learned how to create posters from scratch and focusing on each part of it from the starting point to the final results (inspiration, text you will put on the poster, the way the text will be put on the poster, bringing elements together and much more) I also learnt that will always be a good idea to consider other people’s point of view. This exercise made me be more careful with text especially when designing the Arabic version since the letters are joint together. You must consider where each curve, line , space of the text, word or even a letter should be placed. I actually discovered that I like to sit on my laptop and fix these small details, it can be very interesting. 

I am very happy with the course so far and I really want to implement what I have learned in my real life to fill my life with the essence of good typography!

Soon..very soon…we will be starting with our final project, stay tuned 😉




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  1. I miss your blog Sherina! so I went through your posts and was impressed of your wonderful overall job in this class! *Mashalla*
    Love your enthusiasm about typography, and that made me interested to take it if I have the chance inshallah.
    Wish you all the best in your upcoming project 😉

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