As I mentioned in an earlier post, the dialogue that I will be using in the accordion book will be between Gamal AbdelNasser’s speeches and the Western news/ press.


I would like to point out from the beginning of the project (to make sure no is offended by anything) that I am a person that isn’t interested in politics and do not take sides because I don’t know the complete truth behind what we see or hear. That’s why in this project I am not and will not inshaAllah take sides and show any preference or favoritism. I only have an opinion of the results I see today, an opinion regarding the chaos and the bad conditions that Egypt has turned itself to. By mentioning Gamal AbdelNasser, I don’t say that he was the best or the worst ruler or anything like that, I just say  that during that periods of the 50s 60s which he ruled back then, Egypt went through major changes that were for the benefits of its people and the country was strong and had power.



So for the dialogue, I depended on videos more than text thats because I will be able to extract the exact words that were said at that time. I spent time watching many speeches of AbdelNasser and only chose the phrases that I thought represent the concept I want to show through the accordion book. I did the same thing for the English news, however, I was only able to find one video (old footage) where the news reporter was describing the status of Egypt back then.

Here is what I have chosen from the long list of phrases that I’ve written down:

[Excuse my translation I found it very difficult to translate Arabic metaphors and words into English since they might not exist in the first place in English >.<]

ARABIC [Gamal AbdelNasser speeches]

2) أننا سنسير في طريقنا لا يغرنا المال و لا يغرنا الجاه و لاكننا سنسير في طريق المبادئ و في طريق المثل العليا نعمل لكم و من أجلكم أنتم فقط.

3) مجتمع بلا طبقات، لا دكتاتورية لرأس المال، لا دكتاتورية للإقطاع.

عدالة إجتماعية و مساواة، الدمقراطية الحقيقية، المجتمع الجديد الذي نريد، المجتمع الذي ترفرف عليه الرفاهية.

حرية الإنسان هي حرية الوطن.

4) كلنا أبناء مصر، نشعر بالحرية و نشعر بالعزة و نشعر بالكرامة.

5) أين نحن الآن و أين كنا في الماضي؟

6) لا نستطيع أن نخفي على أنفسنا أننا واجهنا نكسة خطيرة خلال الأيام الأخيرة، لاكني واثق أننا جميعاً نستطيع و في مدة قصيرة أن نجتاز موقفنا الصعب و إن كنا نحتاج في ذلك إلى كثيرٍ من الصبر و الحكمة و الشجاعة.

7) تكاتف الشعب العربي في مصر استطاع أن يقضي على محاولات الاستعمار و استطاع أن يسير في طريقه و هو يرفع راية العروبة و راية الوحدة.

8) إن الشعب إذا أراد أن ينتصر فلابد أن ينتصر حتى و لو كان في مواجهة الدول الكبرى.


1) I pledge to you (his people) a strong and a certain pledge.

2) We will go in our way without being seduced by money nor being seduced by prestige instead we will follow the way of principles and the ideals. We work of you and only for you.

3) A classless society, without the dictatorship of capitalism, without the dictatorship of feudalism.

Social justice and equality, the real democracy, the new society that we want, the society in which luxury fulfills its air.

Mankind’s freedom is the freedom of his homeland.

4) We are all the sons of Egypt, we feel the freedom, we feel the pride, we feel the dignity.

5) Where are w now and where were we in the past?

6) We cannot hide from ourselves that we have faced a serious setback in the recent days, nut I am confident that we can all and in a short period of time get through our hard time even if we needed a lot of patience, wisdom and courage.

7) The union of the the Arabs in Egypt was able to eliminate colonization attempts and was able to walk on his way while raising the flag/ banner of Arabism and unity.

8) If the people wanted to win then they must win even if they were facing great countries.


ENGLISH [Western news/press during the 50s and 60s]:

1) “No comment on that at this state.”

2) “It’s a situation caught with implications.”

3) “Transform the lives of his people.”

4) “President Nasser raises his country’s flag to symbolize his action.”

5) “Carry him triumphantly on their shoulders.”

6) “Nationalistic frenzy.”


The Arabic part is more than the English part because I couldn’t find a lot of English material but hopefully that will not be a problem :D.

Now we will be getting our text in place and deciding how the accordion book will look like…Stay tuned for more 😉


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