Typographic Accordion

This is our final project for this semester and I have a feeling that it will be a great one inshaAllah 😀 !

For this project we have to create a typographic accordion [book style] that will only be based on expressive typography. The type that we will use must to show a dialogue between two speakers so that we can represent the difference between the two through the style of the type.

My idea…

So I was sitting with my father last Saturday while he was watching TV and it was on an Egyptian channel, and on the channel there was Gamal AbdelNassir giving a speech in Egypt back in the 50s I think it was or the 60s, I’m not rally sure…The part of the speech that I heard was all about the glorious state that the country has reached to after the revolution in 1952. Through his speech he showed what Egypt has turned into after 1952; a free land, socialist, equality between the people of Egypt and so on. All that I could think of at that time was the state of Egypt today and what has happened to the people of Egypt. It is sad to hear Gamal AbdelNasser speak like that while in reality we see the complete opposite! 

The next day in class after knowing exactly what this project will be about, we had to choose a dialogue for our typographic accordion. I kind of straight away knew what I wanted to do, I wanted to use the speech I heard the day before as an inspiration…

After sitting for some while and brainstorming my ideas this is what I ended with:

[Click to Enlarge]


So my typographic accordion will show expressive typography of the status of Egypt today and yesterday (i.e. 1950s-60s and in the past couple of years).

Languages to be used: Arabic + English

Dialogue: Between phrases from the speeches of Gamal AbdelNasser and phrases from the press and news of the west during that time regarding the change that Egypt was undergoing.

What I would really like to show in my accordion is that the phrases chosen will be talking about Egypt positively (to represent Egypt back in the 50s and 60s) but at the same time they will visually express the status of Egypt today (breaking apart, chaos and being pulled back) I want it to be indirect but can be seen at the same time.

For the overall look of the accordion, since I will be bringing together two different periods of time and style, I want to show the two styles merged together (the style of the 50s-60s and 2011- 2013) modern-old style. That’s why I will try to stay away from beige backgrounds with old textures to them hopefully :p


Thinking of the idea, I really like it! However, I also think that it can be challenging but because I really really want it to work and push myself forward, I want to give it a try and do my best. Even if the outcome turned out not the way I expected it to, I won’t lose anything, I will gain experience in both cases. I really hope that the outcome turns even better that what I have in mind inshaAllah! 😀

Next to come, the dialogue. I already have it but I need to get the Arabic parts translated before posting and later on, *inspiration*….Stay tuned 😉


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