Planning and Sketching

Before getting along with the post, I would like to apologise for being late with the posting >.<

So I after I knew what will I put in my accordion book, I started sketching ways in which the type is interesting. I started by drawing boxes on a piece of paper which represent the pages of the book and the putting the dialogue on the pages the way I want the reader to read.

Here are images of the sketches…

[Click to Enlarge]


As you can see in the first row of pages, I was dull…just putting the phrases on the page not knowing how can I make it more interesting. Going towards the bottom, I started exaggerating some letters, words and phrases to make the type look more expressive and interesting.



And then I started thinking how can I make the words express the meaning of that it holds…



After the sketching phase, I noticed that ended up with a lot of pages…I wanted to deliver the message exactly the way I sketched even if I only had one word on a page but it was a lot of pages! Then I started thinking of different ways that I can make the accordion book. I ended with the following screenshot:



After setting the base of the book; the sketches, I started working on Illustrator by implementing the sketches exactly. 1'st eddition

The bottom 6 pages will be folded up and the reader would open them to read what’s inside. At first, before putting the dialogue on the pages I was okay with this idea, my uncle told me that this will be confusing for the reader but I didn’t think it would. After putting the dialogue on the pages, I felt like my type is not expressive anymore, I can;t deliver the message the way I wanted to….It turned out that my uncle was right! 🙂

I was upset at this stage I wished if there was something that will make the book without folds and not to long. Sarah my neighbor sitting right next to me, printed a mini version of her book and I thought that it looked good and when I counted the pages she had exactly the same amount of pages as I had! Therefore It wouldn’t be a problem if I deleted the fold and kept the pages in one line…and so I did and was happy again!

After putting the dialogue on the pages and our accordion books were 85% done, we printed a version to see how will they look like in real life.

So the books came to life! Here is the first version of my book:



From this book, I got the chance to see how the type looks like on paper, what needs to be changed, think of where to add some colour and what paper shall I choose when printing the final. I also decided here to make a cover for the book in the same way we did for our basic design book so I started thinking of design for the cover. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I want to integrate the colours red and gold jus like the flag of Egypt, however I do not want them to be very obvious.

Next to come…The Final Outcome.



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