Revolutionary Accordion Book

After working on the book and working and working more, It is finally ready 😀

For the cover design, I decided to include a simple outline of the map of Egypt on one cover and an outline of the crescent with the stars of the flag of the union of Egypt and Syria on the other cover. Then I included a phrase from a famous poem that translates to : If the people ever wanted to live, then destiny should respond to what they want. I split the phrase so that the first part s on one cover (If the people ever wanted to live) and the other part on the other cover (then destiny should  respond to what they want)

Here how the final outcome looks like… Enjoy 😀










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This has been a project that I really enjoyed, really. I gained a lot of experience using Arabic typography and how to integrate two voice together. I enjoyed working with Arabic type and this project made me discover that I really like Arabic typography. It is also very interesting to create expressions and feelings through type, deliver a message through type and decide how your reader reads. I am thankful for taking this course with a great professor and great classmates and I am looking forward to next semester inshaAllah for more great work.


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