So this is our first project in typography 2. It is sort of a warm exercise and so we didn’t spend a lot of time on it.

The first step is to choose a logo that its Arabic version doesn’t exist and then we have to create the Arabic version. I chose the logo for the manufacturer Ricola that manufactures herb drops. You can check their website Ricola .

I started working on the exercise yesterday. Here are the initial sketches: [Click to Enlarge]

1 2 4


Here is the final result:  [Click to Enlarge]

Final Results

This was a challenging exercise, once again typography made me appreciate the work and effort that goes in typefaces and hand lettered logos. I am half happy with the results because the Arabic version looks a little bit like the English version. At some points I felt like changing the English logo because I found it hard to work with. The fact that not all of the Arabic letters join, just like the English one, makes the Arabic version look not quite the same as the English one.  At this stage, I feel like a lot of practice is needed to become a better typographer and be able to produce beautiful and amazing work. I will always push my self towards this goal!


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