Am I Back??

Oh yes I am.. 4 years later aaand… I am no longer a student! It’s been a year now since I started working as a Multimedia & Graphic Designer at a creative consulting company! I can go on with what happened in those 4 great years but that would turn into an essay maybe so lets cut it short…

I am back because I miss keeping a blog and I miss sharing parts of my journey in the world of design. Since I started work, I noticed that I rarely work on design projects that are not work related. Those where you can explore a little further with curiosity and passion, those that you create with no limits from a client.

So the plan is simple: a design project a month…

Outcome: any form of design that I am willing to try and explore further (graphic, motion graphic, 3D, 2D, furniture / product etc.)

Aim: design exploration, enhancement of skills, self exploration and expansion, self discipline, keeping life creative and invigorated

Mission:  deliver a design project a month in the year 2017

Are you wondering where my project for January is? It’s currently in the US! Yep the US and I shall post about it later this month when it arrives here; Dubai – UAE.

Stay tuned!



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