January – ‘A Family of Six’

This is a long due post >.<

I admit that I couldn’t keep up with the pace of the project as I would’ve hoped. I couldn’t post a project a month and that’s because I didn’t have exciting projects to post. I am still comprehending the idea of life-work balance. Sometimes I feel like I have it under control and other times I feel like I don’t…

On the other hand, I am happy to announce that I have January’s project! The one I told you was in the US.

A few months ago, a special someone was expecting a newborn. I wanted my gift to be special, something that would come from my heart, expresses a form of creativity and uniqueness just as how unique she is. Then the idea of designing a pendant was born!

So I started sketching straight away while figuring a concept at the same time. Almost all the time, I like creating work with some kind of concept because concepts always raise the work to a different level and give it meaning. The concept here was very simple and maybe not a concept as much as just a title for the designed piece of jewellery; ‘A Family of Six’

Here are the initial sketches:


From there, I took it to 3DsMax and it was then a matter of digitising the sketch and building a model by figuring the size, thickness, visual appeal and practicality. Here are pictures of the model:


Once the model was ready, I used Shapeways; “The world’s largest online 3D Printing Service, Community and Marketplace”, to bring the pendant to life. The process went very smooth with Shapeways and I was one happy customer 😀

Printed in 18K gold, here is the pendant all glammed up and ready to go to the special someone: (click to enlarge)

I am beyond happy with the outcome! I think I started having a thing for 3D designed and printed jewellery pieces. You can almost always guarantee that it is unique. This is the second piece of 3D printed jewellery that I print with Shapeways and I am looking forward to exploring this part of the design world even more.

Till next time!




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