June – ‘Tidbits e-Menu’

June has been about putting an e-menu together for a newly launched catering business; Tidbits. This was my first time designing a menu and it was an exciting journey. Not only was it my first menu design, it had to be an e-menu where it would be viewed on electronic devices only..

Starting the project, I collected the necessary details from my client regarding the content, look-&-feel and ways to present it. The identity of the business already existed; as in the logo, colour scheme and typefaces. All I had to do was put the info together in an attractive yet presentable way.

The process of designing the menu was interesting. As usual, I did my research on catering menu designs and with trial and error the menu came along together beautifully… being subjective here XD

Once the menu was designed and client was happy with it, it was time to find a way that potential customers can view the menu from the Instagram account of the business. The best way we thought would be is through a link that goes in the bio of the Instagram account that takes visitors/customers to the menu. So I looked for PDF file hosting services and after some time searching and checking the available options, I found

Publitas: “Publish catalogs online. Inspire visitors. Sell more” & “help brands publish their catalogs online to deliver beautiful shoppable experiences”.

I was intrigued by the examples that the website provided. I liked the magazine-style layout and viewing of content and the features it provides:
– file sharing options (email, FB, Pinterest & Twitter)
– download PDF
– fullscreen view mode

{Click here}

to check the e-menu of Tidbits… Enjoy!

Once again, I am very happy with the outcome and I am even more happy that I managed to have a post for June! *one happy dancing lady* I enjoyed this project and the process of bringing it to life. Definitely was a beneficial exercise to practice my skills in something I haven’t done before. I enjoy designing and working on bilingual projects as I am a big believer in the power and value in them as they target a larger audience than those unilingual. As challenging as they can be to designers, they do push you to think out of the box to make it work in an attractive and visually appealing way.

Now on to the next bad boy :p

Stay tuned…
– S


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