July – ‘Designboom’

This post is a first on this blog, I believe. July was all about kitchens… yes you heard me well, kitchens! On the 6th of July, I read an email in my inbox about a kitchen design competition from a website called Designboom. The competition, called FUSICS, is a collaboration between a the German company SCHOTT CERAN® and Designboom where it focuses on their glass-ceramic cooking panel and how the kitchen space around it is designed. Click below for more info on the competition:

-Cooking FUSICS SCHOTT CERAN® Design Awards 2017-

Coming from a multimedia & graphic design background, the first thought that came to my mind was “this isn’t down my alley, it’s all interior design.” Which seemed very true to my mind and I believed it. However, the more I read about the competition and its description, the more I wanted to give it a try. So I decided that I shall give it a try.

I started researching kitchen design, smart kitchen design, sustainability in kitchens and got myself familiar with SCHOTT CERAN® and their products. I had almost a month to come up with a concept, design, visualise it and submit it. In addition I was abroad for most of the month but I managed to work on it and submit it on the last day of the competition.

‘Canvas Concept Kitchen’ was the name of the kitchen design I submitted. Due to the competition’s guidelines, participants are not to share their ideas and designs until the final results and winners are announced which will take place in September this year. Therefore, I shall have a followup post where I can share further the concept and design I came up with and submitted.

I am very happy with the outcome. I do believe though that I could’ve done better at putting my work together but the concept, in my opinion, is strong and I can see it executed in real life and see its positive impact on people’s lives.
It was an experience that made me push and believe in myself regardless of the doubts I had in mind about the whole thing. At some points of the journey, I wanted to give up and continue with my life and find a different project for July, but I am very happy that the pleasant voice in me kept pushing me to get this done and believe in the power of my design. I’m excited about sharing more news on this month’s project so… stay tuned!



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